Old World Travelers

We Are BacK

We last see our hero’s in a fight with beastman. They beat back the first wave of beastman and are surprised when suddenly an group of very dangerous men show up and help push back the forces of chaos. As soon as everyone had caught their breath the savior’s listen to the story of the group. The two groups travel back to Middenheim and at the gates the serious group pat the adventures on the back and wish them luck they fade back into the crowd.

The intrepid group quickly go to the temple of Ulric and turn over the lead lined box they have the skull in. The temple accepts the skull and take it away. The group is rewarded and sent on their way. They find that the temporary housing they had before leaving had been claimed by others.

Once again homeless they make their way to a tavern. Here they celebrate coming back successfully with the Halfling getting quite happy. Val the hand fetish guy also gets more then a little tipsy. Our dwarven warrior hears roomers about something happening at the local chapter house of the Knights Panther.

Here our group breaks apart Synora finds a job at a stable in town. coming back though she and the others see a group of young noblemen tossing poop a Val. Reacting in a rash manner she shoots one of the young noblemen. The resulting fight puts Synora in jail and leaves Valahuir with a bum leg.

As life progresses the group finds an abandoned building in a nearby square. Three room can be closed to the elements so they set up house. A landlord shows up to collect rent but Kurt says something to him and he quickly Our warriors find a weapons master to train them in some martial skills. finds an undertaker but he is a right greedy bastard. looks like Val might have to find a way to twist this guys arm to get the training he needs. Kurt ends up cooling his heels at the local explorer’s guild. He finally gets a commitment that they will train him in navigation that Wolf Medallion is paying for itself.

After some time the adventurers are called to the Temple of Ulric and are given an feast to celebrate their success. Here is where things fall apart and the tea totalers pay the price. Suddenly anyone who drank the water start to mutate. Valahuir not taking any chances proceeds to place his spear into any individual on the ground but Kurt. Synora also proceeds to kill the victims of the poisoning. Fathar Ordo warps into a chaos deamon that Thylda and Susi have to dispatch. With the fight in the small dining hall done it is clear the poisoning was not limited to the feast. Fighting can clearly be heard in the halls outside.

What are our adventurer going to do?



Kurt considers an elaborate cover story involving his formerly ugly scar across the face now slight dog muzzle with ugly scar across parts of the face. Perhaps a Doctor attempting to save Kurt’s face did it. Maybe he can use this as situational intimidation bonus. What is that smell, is that the bakery across town…

We Are BacK

Val… is getting disgusted with life in the human ran city… especially after all the work the party did to help things – and to still be treated as a 2nd class citizen…. or worse.
The lack of work… or reasonable training opportunities is leaving him haggard.
For him… the poo throwing incident was the last straw… he is starting to hate those filthy humans and all their ilk. Snuffing out the poisoned ones in the temple was a nice relief of the pressure of hate building inside him.
Val is dreaming of the birthplace in the trees … a childhood he never had. Thoughts of his old friend Mormocar have him thinking of greener lands -

We Are BacK

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