Old World Travelers

Session 1/23/15

Drinking - landlords and fun with orphans

Well – I totally forgot to post … so going of "memory"… and told from Val’s drunken stupor point of view.

- it seems like we had some drinks – got a little sick from the overages. Found a note on our door about the owners of the property and landlord stuff. And that we had to get all of this paperwork current with the local magistrate or some such.

Synora got more training – as the rest of us set about getting training and connections of our own. In the midst of this we were asked to look into the rumors of “poisoning of the wells” by the chaos -evil doers.

- Meanwhile – Val, Kurt and suss (maybe thylda as well)… took a walk to get an appointment with the local official – some such human type pencil pusher. His “wife” answered the door and basically pissed me off. (Val)… her attitude for serving the people was horrible. I wanted to slit her throat …. then embalm it…. purdy…. BUT I IGNORE THE VOICES… and keep my head.

With her refusal to be polite or helpful…. Val enlisted a local young go getter (business start up) to keep constant contact with the lady boss. <grin>… this will freshen her up for my knife… or to allow us a appointment time.

With that… the group sets about watching the wells at night in the most likely portions of the city. Watching for nasty types to poison the wells with green chaos dust. We watch…and we watch…night after night. Until…

(oh and by the way… my hireling to keep checking on the magistrates wife… is doing a great job ).

anyhow – one of these nights we spy someone sneaking up to the well with a bag… we spook him off – and follow them. Over some good detective workings – we stumble onto their "lair"…. after regrouping – I think the next morning – we go into an investigate – (weapons drawn of course).

Over a few minutes we clear the hold up of chaos types… killing them all and gathering up their horde of riches!… well we end up with some stuff – weapons and sorts… without much harm to the gang.

the next day we drop in on the land magistrates wife… she is pretty haggard and wild eyed… and mad. (I can’t wait to slit her open)… STOP VOICES… We set an appointment – and soon we will be our own proper land owners!.

- after all that – Val drags himself back to a bottle – to squench his never ending thirst… and to drown the Voices for the night.

- <snore>



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