Old World Travelers

Into the Darkness

After following Odo through the night, and partway through the next day, he collapses in the middle of a ravine..sound asleep. They set up camp, and Synora takes a quick look around. They take turns on watch while everyone rests. 10 hours later, night has fallen, and Odo still sleeps. Several people hear the sound of hooves running in the distance, Hans doesn’t worry, so everyone calms down. In the morning, Odo is still unconscious, so they strap him to his mule and keep moving in the direction they were headed. Somewhere along the line, Hans trips on a root and knocks himself out. The party creates a travios for him, lashes it behind the donkey, and keeps moving. Odo (and at some point, Hans) wakes up and talks about a skull with and iron man and red eyes. At the end of the ravine the decision is made to stop for the night and cross into the forest in the day time.
p. In the morning Odo has a seizure and points off in the distance. Hans points out, not so subtly the hoof prints in the dirt..not horses as assume, but a split hoof, a bovine of some sort, that Synora Fail-Scout completely missed. Then 5 bull centaurs attack the party. Hans takes one out immediately. Synora is hit in the arm..causing it to go numb and lifeless. Then it follows up with a strong blow, to the head (of course!) and knocks her unconscious. Thylda in her exuberance to have some steak..looses her grip on her sword and damn neat skewers Susi. Hans downs another (while probably lamenting teaming up with a group of bumbling idiots) and 2 of the bulls in their bloodlust mistake each other for enemies..killing each other. Valhur valiently trys to pull Synora out of harms way, seeing that she’s gravely injured. Kurt the watchman steps in to try to cover the retreat. In the process, Kurt takes out the last bull, just after it strikes Odo.
p. After Synora is healed enough to continue, Odo walks through the forest into a clearing. In the clearing is a mound of skulls, upon witch stands a minotaur flanked by two beastmen. The minotaur knocks Odo out cold then begins to blow a horn. Valhur sensing this isn’t a good thing, hurls his spear at the minotaur, and manages to stop the horn blowing. Synora and Susi decide its safest to climb a tree. Suzi isn’t so agile and fails to make it. The minotaur projects fear..Synora and Kurt freeze in terror..Susi runs for the hills screaming. The acolyte runs into pull Odo out and the minotaur promptly ends him. Kurt, Thylda, and Valhur dispatch the minotaur and his lackies while Synora finally reaches the last branch, so she climbs back down. Valhur tells her she smells like a human. Susi shame facedly sneaks back into the clearning, and then acompanies Synora in the search for a stream. A bath is in order! Upon returning, they find everyone looking around. Synora, miffed about the human remarke, walks up to Val, asks if she smells better and shakes water off her hair all over him. She then walkes up to the pile of skulls, moves something and points out the the door to a tomb to everyone else. The donkey is used to open the door, and they all stare inside..waiting for the next session to find out what doom is in store next!



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