The Storm of Chaos

You have grown up listening to stories of the Great War of Chaos. The tales of Magnus the Pious and his victory over the armies of Chaos is well known. While there have been wars and threats in the 200 years since there have been nothing on that scale. Until now. This year the Chaos Lords Archaon invaded the Empire with five mighty armies. They Swept down from the Chaos Wastes, ranks filled with mutant warriors, nightmarish monsters, and power-mad sorcerers. Flagellants and other prophets of doom declare these the end of times. As these Armies pillage and burn their way through the northern provinces of the Empire, it was easy to believe.

You’ve heard endless stories over the past two months. They say Sigmar once again walked the earth. They say an army of wolves attacked the Kislevian City of Erengard. They say the dead rose from their graves to defend the Empire. They say a mighty victory was won at Middenheim. They say plague has choked the streets of Talabheim with bloated corpse.

You can only believe what is in front of your eyes. You are in the town of Untergar in the Drakwald Front. A nine-day battle took place here, as Beastman tried to force their way across the town’s great bridge. They were rebuffed but the price was high. The town is in ruins and its remaining citizens struggle to survive. The last regiment of the Imperial Army has just left leaving only a few convulsing soldiers.

Old World Travelers

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