God of Wolves, Battle, and Winter

History and Origins: The religion of Ulric comes from the foundation of the Empire where the Teutogen tribe crossed the frozen mountains to the Empire. Ulric guided them and sent wolves to protect them. Ulric is the god of battle and destruction the patron of wolves and winter. He despises weakness, cowardice, trickery, and expects his followers to always take the direct approach to solving a problem.

Symbol: The symbol of Ulric is a wolf-head medallion. Some followers paint the wolf on their armor and some wear wolf-skins as a cloak. Priests wear black robes with white wolf-head emblems on their breast and trimmed with wolf-skin.
Temperament: Ulric is considered to be indifferent. He is a distant, harsh and unforgiving God, who expects his followers to stand on their own two feet putting their faith in martial prowess.

Strictures: Devout worshippers of Ulric abide by the following strictures. Initiates, priests, or templars who violate these strictures may lose their abilities:

  • Obey your betters
  • Defend your honor, whenever it is a challenged.
  • Stand honest and true. Deception and trickery is not the way of Ulric.
  • Wolf-skin may only be used as clothing if you have killed the wolf yourself using only weapons provided by nature; hand-crafted bows, spears carved from long sticks and the like.
  • Gunpowder weapons, explosives, incendiaries and crossbows bring no glory to their wielder. Use them if you must but all other weapons are preferred.
    T* he fires in temples and shrines to Ulric must never be allowed to go out; it is said that if any do so the next winter will last a full year.



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