Sigmar Heldenhammer

God of the Empire

Symbol: Stylized dwarfen hammer and a twin-tailed comet or griffon with the golden crown

History and Origin: Sigmar is the defied, legendary founder of the Empire. This man turned deity rose up and unified what is now considered the Empire at the beginning of its history. The extraordinary acts of bravery and ingenuity that he took to bring together the land lead to his being risen to god status after his disappearance. Befitting a great warrior king, Sigmar is worshiped for his military might as well as the great unifier. He is considered the guardian of the Empires people their shield and their hammer
Temperament: Sigmar is considered a vengeful God. He lights fires in the hearts of his followers and like the dwarven smiths of old there his hammer was formed, he forges them into weapons against the machinations of Chaos.

Strictures: Devout worshippers of Sigmar must abide by the following strictures. To violate one of these strictures is to flout his will and in some cases may bring terrible and swift retribution:

  • Obey your orders
  • Aid Dwarf-folk
  • Work to promote the unity of the Empire, even at the cost of individual liberty
  • Bear true allegiance to his Imperial Majesty the Emperor
  • Root out and destroy Goblinoids, the servants of Chaos and those who use corrupt magic, wherever they may hide


Sigmar Heldenhammer

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