Official Name: The Grand Duchies of Middenheim and Middenland

Rulers: Elector Count Boris Todbringer, Graf of Middenheim, Grand Duke of Middenland, ect

Government: Feudal with powerful bureaucracy

Capital: Middenheim

Chartered Free Towns: Carroburg, Delberz
Major Exports: Wine, iron, wool and woolen goods, silver from the Middle Mountains

The Land: Middenland is the powerhouse of the northern Empire. Settled by the powerful Teutogens during Sigmar’s time it tends to dominate its neighbors militarily and economically.

Middenland comprises a vast swath of territory stretching from the river Rieik and great northern road of the Wasteland in the west and southwest and Hachland and the Middle Mountains to the east. In the south it is boarded by Takabeckand the sometime rival of the leadership of the cult of Ulric. To the north is her ally Nordland and Laurelorn Forest home of the wood elves.

One of the main fetures of Middenland is the Darkwald Forest. It is a vast area running from the edge of the wasteland to the far end of Hochland. While mankind has made settlements there some deep within it, the forest holds many secrets. Dragons terrorized the ancient tribes and early empire from there; rumors say they and their treasure are still there. In the forest also lurk Beastmen descendants from the raiders of the first Chaos horde.

In the far west of the province is the Midden Moors, a vast infertile tract of hills and wetlands that are the source of several tributaries of the Reik. The vast pools of its interior are said to be still as glass even when the winds blow. Nobles and wealthy sometimes come here on fishing expeditions for the trout are reputed to be the sweetest in the Empire. The moors though are reputed to be haunted; strange lights are seen in the mist at night. Ghosts of Darkwald Soldiers killed long ago are said to haunt it farthest reaches.
The far southeast are the Howling hills, where the winds among the badlands keen like the spirits of the dead. The castle of Middenstag guards the Delbetz-Herig Road from the outlaws who hide among the hills. To the north, near Middenheim the ground sinks into a swampy morass called the “Schadensumpf” Little of the worth is found here, though some small villages make a good living harvesting bog iron. The Schadensumf also provides refuge for criminals from the Graf’s justice. Something to note the marshland is the habitat for the black crane during the autumn and spring. The crests have become quite fasionable in hats, leading the Graf to impose a tax on each bird taken.

The People:The Middenlanders are descendants of the warlike Teutogen tribe. Fierce and unrelenting in their ways they quickly carved out a kingdom from the wilderness. When Sigmar came to them he found a tribe with an unbending will and strong sense of honor. Though other tribes had joined him the Teutogen refused to submit to the future god. Eventually Sigmar was forced to kill their tribal leader in single combat to bring the tribe under his rule.

This stubborn streak has lead to a reputation as uncontrollable traditionalist. They hate all types of change and are the last to admit when they are wrong. This makes them focused and they never tolerate bad leadership. Overall they are considered coarse, arrogant and controlling by nature.

Middenland’s relationship with its capital, Middenheim is very complex. The City of the White Wolf has not always been part of the province – its fortunes often waxing and waning with the ruling houses of the time. As Middenland has laid siege to Middenheim several times throughout Imperial history rebelling the ruling class of the city. In truth the city and province are separate political and social entities drawn together by the rule of Boris Todbringer and likely to fracture should power pass to someone other than his line.
In war, Middenlanders overall are regarded as a tough lot. The province is the home to both the Knights Panther and Graf’s Royal Guard. The Knights of the White Wolf Templers fiercely devoted to the service of Ulric and the protection of his people. These two orders form the shock troops for the Empire backed up by a sturdy group of pikemen and halberd troops recruited from their peasants and burghers.



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