Middenheim is the city of the White Wolf, home of the cult of Ulric and the greatest city of the North. Middenheim is the rock on which the wave of Achaon’s invasion crashed and dispersed on. Founded before the empire was born, the giant mountain on which Middenheim rests rises above all others around it and is surrounded by the Drakwald. Four great causeways lead from the ground to the city’s gates. Those gates tie Middenheim to Marienburg, Kislev, Talanheim, and Aldorf by well kept roads. From its ramparts cannon point in all directions, showing the willingness of the people of the White Wolf to do battle anytime, anywhere.

Central to the city is its identity as the home of the chief temple of the Cult of Ulric and its High Priest, the Ar-Ulric. The cult’s great temple dominates the centre of the city, itself a fortress within a fortress. Its battlements are not just for show, and the Templars of the White Wolf who live in the attached barracks are not just for parades. The eternal flame burns bright within its sanctum, and the temple will be the last place to fall should Middenheim’s walls fall.

The siege of Middenheim has left many of its fine buildings in ruins. Walls blasted by cannon, fire, and magic can be seen all over the city. The great causeways became covered in bodies of defenders and invaders alike, and the east gates are cracked and battered where Archaon almost broke through. Much of the population fled with the approach of the enemy army, adding to the refugee problems in the towns in the west. Those who remain are looking at rebuilding the great city before anyone else comes a knocking


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