Old World Travelers

Session 1/23/15
Drinking - landlords and fun with orphans

Well – I totally forgot to post … so going of "memory"… and told from Val’s drunken stupor point of view.

- it seems like we had some drinks – got a little sick from the overages. Found a note on our door about the owners of the property and landlord stuff. And that we had to get all of this paperwork current with the local magistrate or some such.

Synora got more training – as the rest of us set about getting training and connections of our own. In the midst of this we were asked to look into the rumors of “poisoning of the wells” by the chaos -evil doers.

- Meanwhile – Val, Kurt and suss (maybe thylda as well)… took a walk to get an appointment with the local official – some such human type pencil pusher. His “wife” answered the door and basically pissed me off. (Val)… her attitude for serving the people was horrible. I wanted to slit her throat …. then embalm it…. purdy…. BUT I IGNORE THE VOICES… and keep my head.

With her refusal to be polite or helpful…. Val enlisted a local young go getter (business start up) to keep constant contact with the lady boss. <grin>… this will freshen her up for my knife… or to allow us a appointment time.

With that… the group sets about watching the wells at night in the most likely portions of the city. Watching for nasty types to poison the wells with green chaos dust. We watch…and we watch…night after night. Until…

(oh and by the way… my hireling to keep checking on the magistrates wife… is doing a great job ).

anyhow – one of these nights we spy someone sneaking up to the well with a bag… we spook him off – and follow them. Over some good detective workings – we stumble onto their "lair"…. after regrouping – I think the next morning – we go into an investigate – (weapons drawn of course).

Over a few minutes we clear the hold up of chaos types… killing them all and gathering up their horde of riches!… well we end up with some stuff – weapons and sorts… without much harm to the gang.

the next day we drop in on the land magistrates wife… she is pretty haggard and wild eyed… and mad. (I can’t wait to slit her open)… STOP VOICES… We set an appointment – and soon we will be our own proper land owners!.

- after all that – Val drags himself back to a bottle – to squench his never ending thirst… and to drown the Voices for the night.

- <snore>

We Are BacK

We last see our hero’s in a fight with beastman. They beat back the first wave of beastman and are surprised when suddenly an group of very dangerous men show up and help push back the forces of chaos. As soon as everyone had caught their breath the savior’s listen to the story of the group. The two groups travel back to Middenheim and at the gates the serious group pat the adventures on the back and wish them luck they fade back into the crowd.

The intrepid group quickly go to the temple of Ulric and turn over the lead lined box they have the skull in. The temple accepts the skull and take it away. The group is rewarded and sent on their way. They find that the temporary housing they had before leaving had been claimed by others.

Once again homeless they make their way to a tavern. Here they celebrate coming back successfully with the Halfling getting quite happy. Val the hand fetish guy also gets more then a little tipsy. Our dwarven warrior hears roomers about something happening at the local chapter house of the Knights Panther.

Here our group breaks apart Synora finds a job at a stable in town. coming back though she and the others see a group of young noblemen tossing poop a Val. Reacting in a rash manner she shoots one of the young noblemen. The resulting fight puts Synora in jail and leaves Valahuir with a bum leg.

As life progresses the group finds an abandoned building in a nearby square. Three room can be closed to the elements so they set up house. A landlord shows up to collect rent but Kurt says something to him and he quickly Our warriors find a weapons master to train them in some martial skills. finds an undertaker but he is a right greedy bastard. looks like Val might have to find a way to twist this guys arm to get the training he needs. Kurt ends up cooling his heels at the local explorer’s guild. He finally gets a commitment that they will train him in navigation that Wolf Medallion is paying for itself.

After some time the adventurers are called to the Temple of Ulric and are given an feast to celebrate their success. Here is where things fall apart and the tea totalers pay the price. Suddenly anyone who drank the water start to mutate. Valahuir not taking any chances proceeds to place his spear into any individual on the ground but Kurt. Synora also proceeds to kill the victims of the poisoning. Fathar Ordo warps into a chaos deamon that Thylda and Susi have to dispatch. With the fight in the small dining hall done it is clear the poisoning was not limited to the feast. Fighting can clearly be heard in the halls outside.

What are our adventurer going to do?


Into... the tomb... er' "crypt"
ok ok - i was bad and didn't write this up till one day before the next session

OK – I have a rough set of notes from the last session. I will try to encapsulate it into something that makes sense. Sorry group – my bad.

We go down the set of stairs under the door from the pile of skulls… in some sort of party order. Synora and Val leading the group (as Val remembers it). After a a turn in the dark and creepy tomb.. a wall of spears pops out… hitting Synora in the head. Luckily for the elf the hit is taken by her coif… damaged beyond use… but hey- it saved her from a rather nasty blow to the head.

… down the hall we go… again… another turn … and POP…more spears… ugh… but the party all avoid getting poked… <yehhh>

searching around the new human “Kurt’T” finds a secret door!… nice work human watchman! the door leads the group down another hallway… cautiously we advanced… and we get attacked by a skellitonthingy… OW… bam… and Susi breaks her crossbow…again. Val, and Kurt get stunned… or scared or something.

Snapping out of it…Val hits the thing…. it keeps fighting. KurtT tosses a leather sack/flask of oil on the thing.. at its feet.. … nothing happens.

Spear-chucker hits the thing… it still is moving… and fighting.

Val and Spearchucker hit the things again… the Second one. Val hits #1 as well… and Spearchucker kills #1! Combat continues!

KurtT decides to light the oil on fire… and dances around crazy like with a lit lantern… several of the party had oil on them… the fire slips and narrowly misses spearchucker. Susi remains focused…and smacks and kills the #2 thingie.

Kurt and Val find a room with a stone fountain… with skulls…and blood… BLOODBLOOD.

Synora remembers the old man that we all forgot outside… and she goes carefully back to get him. OPPS..
meanwhile… in the bloody skull fountain room…


The skulls pouring the blood into the bloody fountain starts to spin… blood sprays the room… BLOOD!

Kurt and trusty watchman finds another secret door… covered in blood we all try to sneak through.

into the Ante chamber… there sits a copper throne of Khorn … and

Two SKELLIES!… they attack


Spearchucker and Synora pounce…and kill one! hack hack hack. Then Spearchucker kills another! More Skellies join the fun… and attack the party… one hits Spearchucker and get a hit! Val Kills one! – not to be outdone – Watchman KurtT kills one too! Synora kills another!

its horrible!

Spearchucker and Synora both kills another pair and Kurt gets hit…but is ok. WE WIN!

Very tired and covered in blood… we survey the room… and our handiwork. we find 2 more secret doors to either side of the throne… and find… TREASURE! lots of goodies of nasty sorts… with chaos marks and such.

Ordo the old blind dude gets the chain and skulls that he was looking for all this time. Spearchucker takes a nice suit of armor and weapon.

We all head out… with new experiences in this grim and dark life of Warhammer. we wash up in the creek outside the mounds of skulls…and head for home… or at least back to the cabin in which we found that watchman… Kurt’T



Into the Darkness

After following Odo through the night, and partway through the next day, he collapses in the middle of a ravine..sound asleep. They set up camp, and Synora takes a quick look around. They take turns on watch while everyone rests. 10 hours later, night has fallen, and Odo still sleeps. Several people hear the sound of hooves running in the distance, Hans doesn’t worry, so everyone calms down. In the morning, Odo is still unconscious, so they strap him to his mule and keep moving in the direction they were headed. Somewhere along the line, Hans trips on a root and knocks himself out. The party creates a travios for him, lashes it behind the donkey, and keeps moving. Odo (and at some point, Hans) wakes up and talks about a skull with and iron man and red eyes. At the end of the ravine the decision is made to stop for the night and cross into the forest in the day time.
p. In the morning Odo has a seizure and points off in the distance. Hans points out, not so subtly the hoof prints in the dirt..not horses as assume, but a split hoof, a bovine of some sort, that Synora Fail-Scout completely missed. Then 5 bull centaurs attack the party. Hans takes one out immediately. Synora is hit in the arm..causing it to go numb and lifeless. Then it follows up with a strong blow, to the head (of course!) and knocks her unconscious. Thylda in her exuberance to have some steak..looses her grip on her sword and damn neat skewers Susi. Hans downs another (while probably lamenting teaming up with a group of bumbling idiots) and 2 of the bulls in their bloodlust mistake each other for enemies..killing each other. Valhur valiently trys to pull Synora out of harms way, seeing that she’s gravely injured. Kurt the watchman steps in to try to cover the retreat. In the process, Kurt takes out the last bull, just after it strikes Odo.
p. After Synora is healed enough to continue, Odo walks through the forest into a clearing. In the clearing is a mound of skulls, upon witch stands a minotaur flanked by two beastmen. The minotaur knocks Odo out cold then begins to blow a horn. Valhur sensing this isn’t a good thing, hurls his spear at the minotaur, and manages to stop the horn blowing. Synora and Susi decide its safest to climb a tree. Suzi isn’t so agile and fails to make it. The minotaur projects fear..Synora and Kurt freeze in terror..Susi runs for the hills screaming. The acolyte runs into pull Odo out and the minotaur promptly ends him. Kurt, Thylda, and Valhur dispatch the minotaur and his lackies while Synora finally reaches the last branch, so she climbs back down. Valhur tells her she smells like a human. Susi shame facedly sneaks back into the clearning, and then acompanies Synora in the search for a stream. A bath is in order! Upon returning, they find everyone looking around. Synora, miffed about the human remarke, walks up to Val, asks if she smells better and shakes water off her hair all over him. She then walkes up to the pile of skulls, moves something and points out the the door to a tomb to everyone else. The donkey is used to open the door, and they all stare inside..waiting for the next session to find out what doom is in store next!

The Slaughterhouse
The bunnies are so cute, can I cuddle them?!

After dealing with disease and misfortune, the party is reunited, less one Mormacar, who’s turned tail and run for the hills after his string of bad luck. He left only Granny Moesher’s book in the spot where his tent was set up. Suzi has the idea that Mo has died and become a book (fitting end for a scribe indeed) and want to bury it. In the midst of the debate, Synora’s bow arrives. In a moment very un-like Synora..she squeels with delight, jumps up and claps. Happily she hands over the loaner bow (and a substantial amount of gold), gets her bow, and a sudden case of the need to shoot something. Valhur decideds to sell the book..off to the wizards guild we go!
p. At the wizards guild, they sound interested in the book, until its presented..the party is asked to leave..with lightning bolts. Synora decides that a hasty retreat is in order and starts yanking party members out the door (leaving the book with the wizards). In the flight, Val is hit several times, and Synora once by lighting bolts (ouch..that smarts!) Chased by an angry mob they swiftly melt into the shadows. Val gets some healing and the group gets some shut eye.
p. The next morning, the guards summon the group to see the Captain. Luckily, he wants to talk about a job. There’s a slaughterhouse that needs to be investigated. People have disappeared. Well..why not? So the party heads out. The slaughter house front gates are guarded by 2 watchmen. A Sargent escorts the party there and explains that the group will be locked. Staring wistfully in the slaughter house is a skinny, tall human. After speaking to him, his smarts are in question..SWEET a human meat shield.
p. As we go in looking for some bacon! it is decided to start with the offices. The air is dark, as if something disallows the sun to shine. The windows of the office are caked with dirt, feces and the Gods know what else. Val and Synora are starting to feel off..sick. The door is opened. Inside are 6 mutants crouched over the carcass of a pig (mutant..damn no yummy bacon! there) feasting. Combat ensues Suzi drops one quickly, then Synora with her nifty new bow. The party dispatches them quickly. Ah humanoid hands! Valhur quickly sets off to relieving the 4 armed mutant corpse of the burden of all of its hands. The office is searched, and nothing interesting or relevant is found. To the pens!
p. Upon open the gate to the pen, two mutant pigs (the size of grizzly bears! oh my) charge the party. Dieter does the sensible thing and closes the gate. Seeing that the piggies are still charging, Thylda decided to set her spear. One of the stupid pigs decided it looks fun..and impales its self on the spear. The second pig hits the gate a second later..the gate flys open..and Synora’s bow string snaps. Well shit..no extra strings! The pigs are taken down with little trouble..however Val feels even sicker. The guards won’t allow us to leave until we’ve discovered what’s causing the miasma. Val must endure.
p. More pens are inspected. One holds the corpses of hundreds of dead goats..that don’t appear to be mutated. Another pen is full of rabbits..itty bitty bunnies. They don’t appear to be mutated, but just in case Valhur tosses in one of his prize hands. It’s like a piranha attack..no cuddling the bunnies..they’ve got fangs! Another pen had more bunnies..and Val sacrifices another hand to them. So much for finding some meat we can sell to people in the city here.
p. The next pen hold 4 bulls..breathing fire. They charge and two with the grace of ballerina’s trip, fall, and break their own necks. Synora has a moment of false bravado(must be the sickness), pulls her sword, charges a bull and some how (much to her surprise) chops the head off of one of the bulls. Suzi takes care of the last one.
p. As the party moves further in, the visibility is severely decreased. one can barely see their outstretched hand in front of their eyes. In the distance a pulsing red glow can be seen (I’ve got a bad feeling about this..there’s no bacon!). Valhur suspecting what it is, and being the sickest goes into investigate. It’s a giant chaos shell. Fantastic..chaos poisoning..just what we wanted! The party heads back to the gate, tells the Sargent what’s back there and where, and the party is let out. The chaos sickness fades, and everyone gets 20 gold crowns.
p. Getting back to the camp Hans is there waiting. He’s got a task for us. We’re taken to the temple of Ulrich and the situation is laid out. Ronolf (a preist) takes us to see Odo, a frail elderly, blind man, who has visions. He’s had a vision of a mound of bones that bleeds chaos, and of an evil man with a talking brass skull (also bleeding chaos) announcing that he will return. (the skull, not the man). Odo shit’s himself in fear simply talking about it, and an acolyte comes to clean him up. The thought is that the vision is somewhere in the Darkwall. Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to head there, with Hans, Odo and an acolyte to find the path.
p. Untill next time.

Into the depths… SKAVEN!
in which Mormocar unclogs the city sewer!

Trying to remember all which what happened. Sorry for the delay – this exercise proves my inept ability to handle this task LOL.

I did make notes in rough order as to the happenings going on.

— The party had started to settle into the city… wrapping up the random things we try to take care of regarding shopping and training or career building. Mormocar picked up a job as a scribe and the rest of us traded or purchased various items – weapons, tents, etc.

After a long day of traipsing around the city we all had gathered in the park near our refugee tent village. In the night we witness a wolf like daemon … with wings… landing and abducting a mother and child… all very scary and shocking. We told the city watch about it… and let that dog lie.

At some point the next day we get word that Father Morton is dead (the dude whom Thylda delivered the treasure of Sigmar to the day we arrived into the city). With the head of the city watch out of town – on relief duty – the defacto leader of the city Shultzman" – brings all of us in for questioning. Mormocar’s tricky tongue talks us out of jail… and into an investigative role in the mystery. The job offer is to investigate the murder of father morton of sigmar. Including a WRIT giving the party full power to investigate without hassle. Val tucks the Writ into his shirt… and we are off on the goose chase!

We check out Mortons body in his chambers… finding a dart wound – and a open window… we soon connect this to 3 other “random” killings in the city that same night. Soon we are checking out the bloody stain in the street which was the scene of one of the killings… and the trail leads us into the sewer… <<cue>>

We travel into the tight quarters of the sewer canal … single file – while on the walkway… along the flow… we see something coming … a group of shaven working down the walkway towards our party. The group preps to meet the fight. At this point Mormocar slips while reading his weapon… and tumbles into the stench filled flow… >>splosh<< … for a second Val thought he saw him… but then … Mormocar is gone… swept away into the underground piping filled with effluent. Quote of the moment … “I crit / shitted myself~!” …

With little time to morn the loss… the rest of the party is in action – against the ratmen…

In the scrum… one of the shaven also falls into the flow… gone…

we all take turns battling the Skaven… Susi racking up many notches to her kill sheet. Synora takes a nasty blow to the head… but we all survive the attack… except the loss of Mormocar to the depths of the brown/black stench. Val does what he can to help heal Synora’s wounds… and takes a Skaven hand for the memories and to experiment on. <pocket>.

Synora locates the blood trail… and the party pushes on into the depths…


Mormocar finishes his slide out of the sewer system… >>splat / splash<< into a pool below the pipe outlet… below the plateau of the city… in the woods… none the worse for wear… but a bit smelly. Soon the Skaven whom also fell into the flow splashes down before him… which he takes little time in dispatching with his spear (lucky to still have it).

Mormocar decides to circle around the bluff… to a causeway to re-enter the city…

“unclogged the drain”

The rest of the party follows the blood trail to a grate and a tunnel beside it… there a Skaven lookout starts to blow a warning to his brethren… a renewed fight ensues…

Silencing the horn blower… more rats attack… in the initial melee one shaven shoots another rat in the head…killing one of the clan rats.. lol.


Mormocar is soon set upon by a large Dog… smelly as he is… the dog must have been offended… or thought it was getting a free meal… either way Mormocar settles the dispute… dispatching the hound. Shortly after he happens across a stream… clean cold water. He bathes the best he can to remove the stench.

Back with the rest of the party…

The fight is deadly and bloody – Synora gets hit in the head, Susi takes a beating – but evens the score killing one of the clan rats… Thylda joins the fight also killing a clan rat as well. Synora crits one.. but it doesn’t fall… the wily clan rat boss dodges 2-3 blows… before Val gets a lucky stab with his spear…killing it.

Beyond the dispatched ratmen… the party searches through their hideout… finding random goods of sorts. Valahuir investigates a door… and collects a crossbow bolt to the chest (TRAP)… stunned he lands on the floor – out like a light.

The party finds the frame to the sigmar relic… linking the Skaven to the murder of Morton. Val regains his feet and the rest of the party looks through the new room… finding some more treasure. the room contained a statue of a humanoid figure (not human) with a fountain… Val (ever curious) sips from the pool of liquid… cool clear water (?)… to no ill effects.

With the investigation wrapped up… the party travels back to the city watch… delivering the found items… and they take back the WRIT to Val’s dismay. With the report given the party goes back to camp…

Val delivers a shaven body to Reaking Ralph… as downpayment for his training.

Back at camp the the party finds Mormocar… to much surprise. He apparently had quite a trip… and ended up getting a ride back into the city by a kind fellow. Mormocar looks pretty sick though… and soon the rest of the party is also coming down with something… not good… all except Val.

Protecting the Refugees

Preparing to leave in the morning, Synora passes out a few weapons to her bridge battle buddies. If we’re protecting the caravan of refugees, we need to have a fighting chance. Thylda, Valhur, Suzi, and Mormocar are guarding the rear of the caravan as it rolls out. Synora has been drafted by Hans into runner duty between the fore, mid, and rear guards. The caravan moves as swiftly as they possible with children walking. There’s little food to go around.

The first night, Synora spots a rabbit and shoots it with her new short bow. Breakfast! Then, the next morning, she notices the children have no food, and she gives it to Granny. That evening as they stop to make camp, the children begin crying and wailing for Granny..she’s gone missing. Our reluctant hero’s are put to the task of finding her. Synora fails to find her trail (fantastic, Hans is watching!) and Hans points it out to her. After this Synora has no problem following the trail, and the party finds Granny out in the woods, picking herbs. Much to the party’s dismay, so do some wood elves. They accuse Granny of being an agent of chaos and want to kill her. Synora being a wood elf, trys to talk her fellows out of the deed, by explaining that she’s a healer, and cares for many orphans who would be abandoned with out her. The elves see reason, and let them go. The party warns them of the beastmen’s recent aggression and massing, and they decide they suddenly have somewhere else to be.

That night on watch, Thylda spots a deer. Lacking traditional ranged weapons, she figures, what the hell, chuck the spear. BAM..venison! Thylda ‘Spear Chucker’ is the hero in the morning as there’s venison stew for all combined with some roots and tubers that Granny dug up for all!

p . The third day into the sojourn, Hans tells Synora to get Schiller, swiftly. A halt is called and the party is brought along to investigate. The remains of another caravan have been found. There are black feather tipped arrows strewn everywhere, including in the bodies of the unfortunate caravan members. The sight and smell of decay proves too much for both Thylda and Synora who begin to vomit. Investigation of the scene reveals, 1 wagon is reparable, the arrows are of goblin make, all the bodies are adults, no children.

Granny upon coming to the crossroads mumbles some thing about her father being killed and a family responsible for it. A black crow sits upon the road marker. As the group sets about to bury the bodies, a log with some holes are discovered. Father Dietrich gets to close and springs the trap..jabbed by many sharpened sticks. With his dyeing breath he asks for one of the party members to see a relic to the Temple of Sigmar in Middenheim. Thylda accepts the task and Dietrich dies.

Valhur needs a fresh hand, and well, Father Dietrich no longer needs his. However sly Valhur trys to be about it, Granny Moeshur isn’t a fool. She knows something is up, and refuses to let Valhur alone with the body. Well, there will be other bodies. As the caravan is preparing to move on, with the addition of a new wagon! Synora hears something large moving through the woods, but Schiller won’t allow her to investigate, despite her worry it could be beastmen flanking the caravan.

At night fall a wail arises from the children. Granny is missing once again. Thylda, Suzi, and Valhur try to get the children to quiet down, Valhur only makes it worse. After a few of the village women calm them down, one of the older children rants about how Granny was ‘funny’ all day. Talking to ravens, saying something about “Why have power and not use it”. A note saying good bye was found..she was going back to the other town of the crossroads to get her renege on the heirs of those responsible for her father’s death. Schiller sends our company of heroes to find her.

Arriving at the crossroads, the party sees a huge bonfire, surrounded by animal shapes. The animals appear to circle the fire. Mormocar’s hair stands on end and starts to get sparks in it, Synora edges away from him. Valhur sees a figure dancing, naked, inside the animal (wolves!) circle. It’s Granny. She’s throwing things into the fire and it changes colours, red, yellow, blue, green. Not sure what to make of this, and deciding that interrupting would be an egregious error, the party just watches. At some point a demon appears in the fire, which goes out, and the demon flies off in the direction of the other village. Granny collapses. The party goes to her, she’s dead and rapidly mumifies. Deciding our orders were to find and bring back Granny and said nothing of Demons..the party does just that. Discreetly bringing Schiller away from the rest of the village to tell him of the events. Granny is buried, and the caravan plods on. Still no hand for Valhur.

Four uneventful days of travel later, the refugees encounter a military patrol and make their way into Middnehiem. Schiller thanks the party for their help, pays them 10 gold crowns each, and makes his way off to find reinforcements to go back to the village, hinting that you’d have a place defending the town. Hans heads out, the city isn’t his place. Valhur decided to look for an apothecary and finds one on the way to the Temple of Sigmar. He’s there while the party returns the relic. It’s very well received. The four that ventured to the temple are rewarded with nice little leather pouches of 25 gold crowns, each, tied closed with a pendant of Sigmar. Whoot, treasured friends of the church status.

This is where we ended, the party must decide whether to stay in the refugee camp, strike out individually, or return with Schiller to kill some beastmen.

Battle for the Bridge
First part steps

The rush of Mutants comes across the bridge. Susi shows she is more then a bundle of laughs that crossbow spites its deadly rain of metal and wood. You ready your spears to receive the charge. The first blow for your defensive line Synorah which is a good thing as she does not seem able to hit after that. Soon the scholarly Mormocar steps up though as he takes out two of the mutants himself. During the quick engagement Thylda manages to hit and the power of the blow. Unfortunately the pill popper Valahuir takes a hit.

During the middle of the battle there was one moment to note. The sharp eyed Halfling was casting bolts into the mutants. Suddenly as the string slaps forward the arms don’t stop instead fly forward and land about 15 feet away. The stock cracks into two and with stinging hands Susi drops what amounts to firewood to the ground. Not being phased she grabs her spear and steps into the defensive line.

As the last mutant drops the shocked villagers move forward. As Captain Schillar comes forward he thanks your small group for the swift action. While talking with you a runner comes from the front gate very agitated. It seems as you were defending the bridge a group of mutants attacked the front gate. They were repulsed but they decimated the defenders. Captain Schillar gets a worried face as he hears the news.

As the news sets in a shout rises from the town wall. As you rush to its defense it becomes clear that it is not another attack but instead the local woodsman Hans has returned with a large group of refugees. He quickly informs Captain Schillar that he has found the signs that a troop of 200 Beastmen are on their way to the town right now. After a heated discussion Schillar decides to evacuate the town and come back with reinforcements. He turns to your group and asks you to help get the refugee’s to safety. Not wanting to stay around and the offer or wages is welcome as you don’t have much left. It had been quite some time since seeing the royal paymaster.

The party is formed
We are off

You are a newly healed soldier in one of the largest armies that the empire has ever seen. The Monk who has been in charge of the hospital tent that you have been in, comes in and makes an announcement. He lets everyone know that although a lot of you are probably well enough to rejoin the army he and his people can’t wait for your lazy bones to rise up to the GREAT Ulric’s need. He offers anyone the chance to muster out as the last regiment has been called and he needs to be ready to go in the morning.

Since most of you are conscripted soldiers, the offer to be mustered out sounds like a dream come true. You form into a line and a slip of paper with the Abbot’s seal. You are free and as you file out you hear the acolyte prayer to the dead. It is clear that those who are not healed and can’t travel are also being mustered out. Ulric’s blessing is being given the last time.

What is left of your trappings is gathered and you watch the last regiment march down the road. For the first time in over 6 months you are not subject to the whim of tyrannical sergeants. As a group, you wander up the road to the nearby town of Untergard. The small town has seen better days, as it was the center of fighting for quite some time. The town on the eastern side of the river has been destroyed. The western side is still relatively intact and as you come through the town gate you see the town has gathered in the town square.

As you stand in the crowd Captain Schiller makes an announcement that is most welcome to the villagers a load of bread has made its way to from Middenheim. In addition a load of wine has arrived as well and as Captain Schiller rises the bottle up high it explodes. The sound of a shot rings out over the town. An Halfling by the name of Suzi yells “Over there!” and points to the eastern side of the river. As everyone turns to look you see 4 mutants running across the bridge. Suzi whips her crossbow over her shoulder and almost by magic the bolt is loaded and the shot drives home into one of the mutant.

You and a couple others you had been convalescing with move forward to the edge of the bridge to meet the charge.

The adventure starts
Here are the others

Chaos is on the move and you have been swept up into it.

One night at the local tavern a group of soldiers came in and started buying drinks. Never one to pass up free Ale you partook. In the morning you woke up in a tent with 10 other hung over villagers. A large and LOAD sergeant was at the entrance yelling at you to get your ass out of bed. That’s right your in the army.

After training and then several battles against Beastmen you find yourself in a field hospital. Your wounds are infected and the healers are working hard to save you. The Army soon moves on past you leaving an healer and assistant to help you convalesce. Nearby is a half destroyed village you are slowly healing among the other soldiers who were too sick to move when the army moved on.


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