Ulrich Schutzman

Watch Commander Middenheim


WS: 60% BS: 53% S: 52% T: 61% Ag: 47% Int: 41% WP: 55% Fel: 50% A: 3 W: 10 SB:3 TB: 4 M: 4 Mag: 0 IP: 4 FP: 0

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Law), Command +10%, Common Knowledge (The Empire, The Wasteland), Dodge Blow, Follow Trail, Gossip +10%, Read/Write, Ride, Search, Secret Language (Battle Tounge), speak Language (Reikspiel, Tilean)

Talents: Acute Hearing, Coolheaded, Disarm, Weapon Group (Two-Handed Weapon), Menacing, Savey, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun, Very Resilient

Armor: Full Mail Armor, Helmet

Armor Points: Head: 5 Arms: 3 Body: 3 Legs: 3

Weapons: Sword & Dagger

Trappings: Badge of Office and Watch Uniform

Schutzmann is an imposing man in his fifties, tall (6’ 2”) and well built, with close-cropped grey hair and dark blue eyes. He is known for his tight discipline and efficiency with which he runs the City Watch.


Ulrich Schutzman

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