Gerhard Schiller

A grizzled Veteran of about 50.


WS: 50% BS: 46% S: 43% T: 44% Ag: 40% Int: 42% WP: 43% Fel: 30 A:2 W: 15 SB:4 TB: 4 M: 4 Mag: 0 IP: 4 FP: 0

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Law), Command +10%, Common Knowledge (The Empire, The Wasteland), Dodge Blow, Follow Trail, Gossip +10%, Read/Write, Ride, Search, Secret Language (Battle Tounge), speak Language (Reikspiel, Tilean)

Talents: Coolheaded, Disarm, Menacing, Savey, Street Fighting, Strike Mighty Blow, Strike to Stun, Very Resilient

Armor: Full Mail

Armor Points: Head: 3 Arms: 3 Body:3 Legs: 3

Weapons: Sword


Schiller is the highest ranking survivor in Unrergard. It was he who organized the townsfolk to defend themselves and oversaw the repairs to the town walls. He rules the town largely because the other town residents just turn to him for leadership. He is doing his best to maintain order in his home.

Schiller is tough but fair. He may come across as gruff but he cares about the people of Unrergard and will do his best to protect them.

Gerhard Schiller

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