Hans Baumer

Baumer is a tall bearded man in his thirties,


WS: 42% BS: 25% S: 41% T:34% Ag: 35% Int: 33% WP: 38% Fel: 25% A: 1 W: 14 SB: 4 TB: 3 M: 4 Mag: 0 IP: 3 FP: 0

Armor: Leather shirt,

Armor Points – Head: 0 Arms: 1 Body: 1 Legs: 0

Weapon: Two-handed Axe (Great Weapon)

Hans is one of the forest dwellers who come to Untergard for safty. He is a quite man, preferring the solitude of the wilderness to the bustle of town. He spends his days hunting and scouting for the approach of any hostile forces . He spends his day out in the forest hunting and scouting returning only at dusk if at all. The small game he brings back has supplemented the meager living of the townsfolk.


Gerhard Schiller distrusts Baumer mainly over the fact he fears the taint of chaos for anyone who spend too much time in the forest. This goes for the game he brings in as well but as things have became leaner fewer and fewer of the villagers have refused to eat the food. So far no one has shown any ill effects from eating the game Baumer has brought in.

Hans Baumer

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