Old World Travelers

The Slaughterhouse

The bunnies are so cute, can I cuddle them?!

After dealing with disease and misfortune, the party is reunited, less one Mormacar, who’s turned tail and run for the hills after his string of bad luck. He left only Granny Moesher’s book in the spot where his tent was set up. Suzi has the idea that Mo has died and become a book (fitting end for a scribe indeed) and want to bury it. In the midst of the debate, Synora’s bow arrives. In a moment very un-like Synora..she squeels with delight, jumps up and claps. Happily she hands over the loaner bow (and a substantial amount of gold), gets her bow, and a sudden case of the need to shoot something. Valhur decideds to sell the book..off to the wizards guild we go!
p. At the wizards guild, they sound interested in the book, until its presented..the party is asked to leave..with lightning bolts. Synora decides that a hasty retreat is in order and starts yanking party members out the door (leaving the book with the wizards). In the flight, Val is hit several times, and Synora once by lighting bolts (ouch..that smarts!) Chased by an angry mob they swiftly melt into the shadows. Val gets some healing and the group gets some shut eye.
p. The next morning, the guards summon the group to see the Captain. Luckily, he wants to talk about a job. There’s a slaughterhouse that needs to be investigated. People have disappeared. Well..why not? So the party heads out. The slaughter house front gates are guarded by 2 watchmen. A Sargent escorts the party there and explains that the group will be locked. Staring wistfully in the slaughter house is a skinny, tall human. After speaking to him, his smarts are in question..SWEET a human meat shield.
p. As we go in looking for some bacon! it is decided to start with the offices. The air is dark, as if something disallows the sun to shine. The windows of the office are caked with dirt, feces and the Gods know what else. Val and Synora are starting to feel off..sick. The door is opened. Inside are 6 mutants crouched over the carcass of a pig (mutant..damn no yummy bacon! there) feasting. Combat ensues Suzi drops one quickly, then Synora with her nifty new bow. The party dispatches them quickly. Ah humanoid hands! Valhur quickly sets off to relieving the 4 armed mutant corpse of the burden of all of its hands. The office is searched, and nothing interesting or relevant is found. To the pens!
p. Upon open the gate to the pen, two mutant pigs (the size of grizzly bears! oh my) charge the party. Dieter does the sensible thing and closes the gate. Seeing that the piggies are still charging, Thylda decided to set her spear. One of the stupid pigs decided it looks fun..and impales its self on the spear. The second pig hits the gate a second later..the gate flys open..and Synora’s bow string snaps. Well shit..no extra strings! The pigs are taken down with little trouble..however Val feels even sicker. The guards won’t allow us to leave until we’ve discovered what’s causing the miasma. Val must endure.
p. More pens are inspected. One holds the corpses of hundreds of dead goats..that don’t appear to be mutated. Another pen is full of rabbits..itty bitty bunnies. They don’t appear to be mutated, but just in case Valhur tosses in one of his prize hands. It’s like a piranha attack..no cuddling the bunnies..they’ve got fangs! Another pen had more bunnies..and Val sacrifices another hand to them. So much for finding some meat we can sell to people in the city here.
p. The next pen hold 4 bulls..breathing fire. They charge and two with the grace of ballerina’s trip, fall, and break their own necks. Synora has a moment of false bravado(must be the sickness), pulls her sword, charges a bull and some how (much to her surprise) chops the head off of one of the bulls. Suzi takes care of the last one.
p. As the party moves further in, the visibility is severely decreased. one can barely see their outstretched hand in front of their eyes. In the distance a pulsing red glow can be seen (I’ve got a bad feeling about this..there’s no bacon!). Valhur suspecting what it is, and being the sickest goes into investigate. It’s a giant chaos shell. Fantastic..chaos poisoning..just what we wanted! The party heads back to the gate, tells the Sargent what’s back there and where, and the party is let out. The chaos sickness fades, and everyone gets 20 gold crowns.
p. Getting back to the camp Hans is there waiting. He’s got a task for us. We’re taken to the temple of Ulrich and the situation is laid out. Ronolf (a preist) takes us to see Odo, a frail elderly, blind man, who has visions. He’s had a vision of a mound of bones that bleeds chaos, and of an evil man with a talking brass skull (also bleeding chaos) announcing that he will return. (the skull, not the man). Odo shit’s himself in fear simply talking about it, and an acolyte comes to clean him up. The thought is that the vision is somewhere in the Darkwall. Our mission, should we choose to accept, is to head there, with Hans, Odo and an acolyte to find the path.
p. Untill next time.


scary bunnies…. <<shudder>>

The Slaughterhouse

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