Old World Travelers

The party is formed

We are off

You are a newly healed soldier in one of the largest armies that the empire has ever seen. The Monk who has been in charge of the hospital tent that you have been in, comes in and makes an announcement. He lets everyone know that although a lot of you are probably well enough to rejoin the army he and his people can’t wait for your lazy bones to rise up to the GREAT Ulric’s need. He offers anyone the chance to muster out as the last regiment has been called and he needs to be ready to go in the morning.

Since most of you are conscripted soldiers, the offer to be mustered out sounds like a dream come true. You form into a line and a slip of paper with the Abbot’s seal. You are free and as you file out you hear the acolyte prayer to the dead. It is clear that those who are not healed and can’t travel are also being mustered out. Ulric’s blessing is being given the last time.

What is left of your trappings is gathered and you watch the last regiment march down the road. For the first time in over 6 months you are not subject to the whim of tyrannical sergeants. As a group, you wander up the road to the nearby town of Untergard. The small town has seen better days, as it was the center of fighting for quite some time. The town on the eastern side of the river has been destroyed. The western side is still relatively intact and as you come through the town gate you see the town has gathered in the town square.

As you stand in the crowd Captain Schiller makes an announcement that is most welcome to the villagers a load of bread has made its way to from Middenheim. In addition a load of wine has arrived as well and as Captain Schiller rises the bottle up high it explodes. The sound of a shot rings out over the town. An Halfling by the name of Suzi yells “Over there!” and points to the eastern side of the river. As everyone turns to look you see 4 mutants running across the bridge. Suzi whips her crossbow over her shoulder and almost by magic the bolt is loaded and the shot drives home into one of the mutant.

You and a couple others you had been convalescing with move forward to the edge of the bridge to meet the charge.


The battle goes heavily against the doomed mutants. Team Awesome, moved into action by Suzi’s sharp eyes and quick crossbow swiftly, and masterfully out class them. The scribe, Mormocar dispatches 2 of them, surprising everyone, including himself, in the process. Synora takes one out of the fight. Then Valahuir takes a hit and steps out to heal himself. The group is victorious.

A camp healer (Granny Musher) assists V with his wounds. Word is brought, that the mutants were but a distraction. Beastmen attacked the main gates on the other side of town. Militia men drove them away, but at great cost. As Captain Schiller and his advisors start discussions on plans..a cry rises up from the crowd. “Hans! Hans! Hans!” they chant. All eyes turn towards the forest as a woodsman comes out of the trees, with many ragged looking folks in tow.

Hans informs Cpt Schiller that large numbers of beastmen are headed this way, and Untergard should be abandoned. A consensus is reached, they will evacuate the town and flee for Bromhoffin. The almost free soldiers are asked to guard the retreat, but no additional weapons will be provided, much to Synora and Valahuir’s disappointment. (stupid melee weapons! are they trying to get us killed?) The decision is looming before our heroes( big damn heroes, sir!), until next adventure.

The party is formed

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