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Protecting the Refugees

Preparing to leave in the morning, Synora passes out a few weapons to her bridge battle buddies. If we’re protecting the caravan of refugees, we need to have a fighting chance. Thylda, Valhur, Suzi, and Mormocar are guarding the rear of the caravan as it rolls out. Synora has been drafted by Hans into runner duty between the fore, mid, and rear guards. The caravan moves as swiftly as they possible with children walking. There’s little food to go around.

The first night, Synora spots a rabbit and shoots it with her new short bow. Breakfast! Then, the next morning, she notices the children have no food, and she gives it to Granny. That evening as they stop to make camp, the children begin crying and wailing for Granny..she’s gone missing. Our reluctant hero’s are put to the task of finding her. Synora fails to find her trail (fantastic, Hans is watching!) and Hans points it out to her. After this Synora has no problem following the trail, and the party finds Granny out in the woods, picking herbs. Much to the party’s dismay, so do some wood elves. They accuse Granny of being an agent of chaos and want to kill her. Synora being a wood elf, trys to talk her fellows out of the deed, by explaining that she’s a healer, and cares for many orphans who would be abandoned with out her. The elves see reason, and let them go. The party warns them of the beastmen’s recent aggression and massing, and they decide they suddenly have somewhere else to be.

That night on watch, Thylda spots a deer. Lacking traditional ranged weapons, she figures, what the hell, chuck the spear. BAM..venison! Thylda ‘Spear Chucker’ is the hero in the morning as there’s venison stew for all combined with some roots and tubers that Granny dug up for all!

p . The third day into the sojourn, Hans tells Synora to get Schiller, swiftly. A halt is called and the party is brought along to investigate. The remains of another caravan have been found. There are black feather tipped arrows strewn everywhere, including in the bodies of the unfortunate caravan members. The sight and smell of decay proves too much for both Thylda and Synora who begin to vomit. Investigation of the scene reveals, 1 wagon is reparable, the arrows are of goblin make, all the bodies are adults, no children.

Granny upon coming to the crossroads mumbles some thing about her father being killed and a family responsible for it. A black crow sits upon the road marker. As the group sets about to bury the bodies, a log with some holes are discovered. Father Dietrich gets to close and springs the trap..jabbed by many sharpened sticks. With his dyeing breath he asks for one of the party members to see a relic to the Temple of Sigmar in Middenheim. Thylda accepts the task and Dietrich dies.

Valhur needs a fresh hand, and well, Father Dietrich no longer needs his. However sly Valhur trys to be about it, Granny Moeshur isn’t a fool. She knows something is up, and refuses to let Valhur alone with the body. Well, there will be other bodies. As the caravan is preparing to move on, with the addition of a new wagon! Synora hears something large moving through the woods, but Schiller won’t allow her to investigate, despite her worry it could be beastmen flanking the caravan.

At night fall a wail arises from the children. Granny is missing once again. Thylda, Suzi, and Valhur try to get the children to quiet down, Valhur only makes it worse. After a few of the village women calm them down, one of the older children rants about how Granny was ‘funny’ all day. Talking to ravens, saying something about “Why have power and not use it”. A note saying good bye was found..she was going back to the other town of the crossroads to get her renege on the heirs of those responsible for her father’s death. Schiller sends our company of heroes to find her.

Arriving at the crossroads, the party sees a huge bonfire, surrounded by animal shapes. The animals appear to circle the fire. Mormocar’s hair stands on end and starts to get sparks in it, Synora edges away from him. Valhur sees a figure dancing, naked, inside the animal (wolves!) circle. It’s Granny. She’s throwing things into the fire and it changes colours, red, yellow, blue, green. Not sure what to make of this, and deciding that interrupting would be an egregious error, the party just watches. At some point a demon appears in the fire, which goes out, and the demon flies off in the direction of the other village. Granny collapses. The party goes to her, she’s dead and rapidly mumifies. Deciding our orders were to find and bring back Granny and said nothing of Demons..the party does just that. Discreetly bringing Schiller away from the rest of the village to tell him of the events. Granny is buried, and the caravan plods on. Still no hand for Valhur.

Four uneventful days of travel later, the refugees encounter a military patrol and make their way into Middnehiem. Schiller thanks the party for their help, pays them 10 gold crowns each, and makes his way off to find reinforcements to go back to the village, hinting that you’d have a place defending the town. Hans heads out, the city isn’t his place. Valhur decided to look for an apothecary and finds one on the way to the Temple of Sigmar. He’s there while the party returns the relic. It’s very well received. The four that ventured to the temple are rewarded with nice little leather pouches of 25 gold crowns, each, tied closed with a pendant of Sigmar. Whoot, treasured friends of the church status.

This is where we ended, the party must decide whether to stay in the refugee camp, strike out individually, or return with Schiller to kill some beastmen.


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Protecting the Refugees

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Protecting the Refugees

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Protecting the Refugees

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