Old World Travelers

Into the depths… SKAVEN!

in which Mormocar unclogs the city sewer!

Trying to remember all which what happened. Sorry for the delay – this exercise proves my inept ability to handle this task LOL.

I did make notes in rough order as to the happenings going on.

— The party had started to settle into the city… wrapping up the random things we try to take care of regarding shopping and training or career building. Mormocar picked up a job as a scribe and the rest of us traded or purchased various items – weapons, tents, etc.

After a long day of traipsing around the city we all had gathered in the park near our refugee tent village. In the night we witness a wolf like daemon … with wings… landing and abducting a mother and child… all very scary and shocking. We told the city watch about it… and let that dog lie.

At some point the next day we get word that Father Morton is dead (the dude whom Thylda delivered the treasure of Sigmar to the day we arrived into the city). With the head of the city watch out of town – on relief duty – the defacto leader of the city Shultzman" – brings all of us in for questioning. Mormocar’s tricky tongue talks us out of jail… and into an investigative role in the mystery. The job offer is to investigate the murder of father morton of sigmar. Including a WRIT giving the party full power to investigate without hassle. Val tucks the Writ into his shirt… and we are off on the goose chase!

We check out Mortons body in his chambers… finding a dart wound – and a open window… we soon connect this to 3 other “random” killings in the city that same night. Soon we are checking out the bloody stain in the street which was the scene of one of the killings… and the trail leads us into the sewer… <<cue>>

We travel into the tight quarters of the sewer canal … single file – while on the walkway… along the flow… we see something coming … a group of shaven working down the walkway towards our party. The group preps to meet the fight. At this point Mormocar slips while reading his weapon… and tumbles into the stench filled flow… >>splosh<< … for a second Val thought he saw him… but then … Mormocar is gone… swept away into the underground piping filled with effluent. Quote of the moment … “I crit / shitted myself~!” …

With little time to morn the loss… the rest of the party is in action – against the ratmen…

In the scrum… one of the shaven also falls into the flow… gone…

we all take turns battling the Skaven… Susi racking up many notches to her kill sheet. Synora takes a nasty blow to the head… but we all survive the attack… except the loss of Mormocar to the depths of the brown/black stench. Val does what he can to help heal Synora’s wounds… and takes a Skaven hand for the memories and to experiment on. <pocket>.

Synora locates the blood trail… and the party pushes on into the depths…


Mormocar finishes his slide out of the sewer system… >>splat / splash<< into a pool below the pipe outlet… below the plateau of the city… in the woods… none the worse for wear… but a bit smelly. Soon the Skaven whom also fell into the flow splashes down before him… which he takes little time in dispatching with his spear (lucky to still have it).

Mormocar decides to circle around the bluff… to a causeway to re-enter the city…

“unclogged the drain”

The rest of the party follows the blood trail to a grate and a tunnel beside it… there a Skaven lookout starts to blow a warning to his brethren… a renewed fight ensues…

Silencing the horn blower… more rats attack… in the initial melee one shaven shoots another rat in the head…killing one of the clan rats.. lol.


Mormocar is soon set upon by a large Dog… smelly as he is… the dog must have been offended… or thought it was getting a free meal… either way Mormocar settles the dispute… dispatching the hound. Shortly after he happens across a stream… clean cold water. He bathes the best he can to remove the stench.

Back with the rest of the party…

The fight is deadly and bloody – Synora gets hit in the head, Susi takes a beating – but evens the score killing one of the clan rats… Thylda joins the fight also killing a clan rat as well. Synora crits one.. but it doesn’t fall… the wily clan rat boss dodges 2-3 blows… before Val gets a lucky stab with his spear…killing it.

Beyond the dispatched ratmen… the party searches through their hideout… finding random goods of sorts. Valahuir investigates a door… and collects a crossbow bolt to the chest (TRAP)… stunned he lands on the floor – out like a light.

The party finds the frame to the sigmar relic… linking the Skaven to the murder of Morton. Val regains his feet and the rest of the party looks through the new room… finding some more treasure. the room contained a statue of a humanoid figure (not human) with a fountain… Val (ever curious) sips from the pool of liquid… cool clear water (?)… to no ill effects.

With the investigation wrapped up… the party travels back to the city watch… delivering the found items… and they take back the WRIT to Val’s dismay. With the report given the party goes back to camp…

Val delivers a shaven body to Reaking Ralph… as downpayment for his training.

Back at camp the the party finds Mormocar… to much surprise. He apparently had quite a trip… and ended up getting a ride back into the city by a kind fellow. Mormocar looks pretty sick though… and soon the rest of the party is also coming down with something… not good… all except Val.



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