Old World Travelers

Battle for the Bridge

First part steps

The rush of Mutants comes across the bridge. Susi shows she is more then a bundle of laughs that crossbow spites its deadly rain of metal and wood. You ready your spears to receive the charge. The first blow for your defensive line Synorah which is a good thing as she does not seem able to hit after that. Soon the scholarly Mormocar steps up though as he takes out two of the mutants himself. During the quick engagement Thylda manages to hit and the power of the blow. Unfortunately the pill popper Valahuir takes a hit.

During the middle of the battle there was one moment to note. The sharp eyed Halfling was casting bolts into the mutants. Suddenly as the string slaps forward the arms don’t stop instead fly forward and land about 15 feet away. The stock cracks into two and with stinging hands Susi drops what amounts to firewood to the ground. Not being phased she grabs her spear and steps into the defensive line.

As the last mutant drops the shocked villagers move forward. As Captain Schillar comes forward he thanks your small group for the swift action. While talking with you a runner comes from the front gate very agitated. It seems as you were defending the bridge a group of mutants attacked the front gate. They were repulsed but they decimated the defenders. Captain Schillar gets a worried face as he hears the news.

As the news sets in a shout rises from the town wall. As you rush to its defense it becomes clear that it is not another attack but instead the local woodsman Hans has returned with a large group of refugees. He quickly informs Captain Schillar that he has found the signs that a troop of 200 Beastmen are on their way to the town right now. After a heated discussion Schillar decides to evacuate the town and come back with reinforcements. He turns to your group and asks you to help get the refugee’s to safety. Not wanting to stay around and the offer or wages is welcome as you don’t have much left. It had been quite some time since seeing the royal paymaster.


i don’t even have the energy to go back and fix grammar issues on this one! maybe later. (i did on the first part of Friday night’s adventure log)

Battle for the Bridge

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